I was watching an old episode of Super Soul Sunday where Arianna Huffington said that life was a dance between making things happen and letting things happen. These things aren’t equal though– the “making things happen” part of it was only 10%, and letting things happen was the rest.

I’ve been on maternity leave for almost 4 weeks now, which seems like a lifetime ago. I’ve been able to prepare for the baby (who’s due date is two days from now!) but also refocus on living life in the present moment. My days are running with no real agenda, just doing chores and taking walks when I have the energy for it, and resting in between. And the waiting. The waiting leaves me anxious if I think about it for too long, but really focusing on enjoying the quiet time I have now brings things into perspective.

Baby will be here soon enough, and I’m in no rush.

So back to Arianna Huffington. I’ve definitely made things happen with getting pregnant ;) and now, I’m just waiting for the rest to unfold. There’s anxiety that I have no clue whatsoever on how I’ll get through labor, and after that how to raise a baby despite my husband and I taking many classes from childbirth basics to infant CPR. But there’s also a joy and excitement that comes from starting a new adventure, and a new chapter. It’s just about being patient.

It has been a blessing being able to figure out what my priorities are, when the external world is silenced. Right now I’m focused on making myself comfortable, calm, fully present and rested. When the baby comes, I know I’ll be shifting priorities pretty drastically!

So, once again, life is a little of making things happen, then letting things happen. I think this will be a theme that I’ll be coming back to pretty often, because more often than not I think I get stuck in the “making things happen” part. And there’s only so much making things happen that we can do before life throws many curveballs back at us.

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