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The time is now

Is there something you have envisioned for yourself? A life full of traveling, of creating a masterpiece, of learning a new skill or language, or of starting some kind of new adventure?

Sometimes we put dreams on hold because it simply doesn’t make sense to work on it now. But in reality, there will never be a perfect time.

Scratch that– in reality, the perfect time is now.

For me, my dream started with an idea of writing a book. Read More

On being happy

My friends over at Metastate Movement, Maryn and Darrée, came to visit a few months ago as part of a project they are working on. They’ve been posting snippets of interviews they’ve had along the way, of others who are rewriting the dream.

Here’s my story:



I encourage you to check out the rest of their blog. Many insightful conversations and inspiration on rewriting the dream can be found there.



Live Your Story | Episode 1: What are you all about?

Live your story: Episode 1


Live Your Story is a three-part video series with prompts on how to stop living on autopilot and start living life on your terms.

This episode focuses on how to start discovering the story you want to tell, by discovering what you’re all about.

After you’ve watched the video, let me know how will you start telling your story in the comments section below.