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Stopping time

Phoenix is one month old today! These past four weeks have gone by fast, yet at the same time, it’s as though time has been enough…what I mean is, there hasn’t been much of hurrying (except getting to bed to nap as soon as the little one is sleeping!) or deadlines, or rushing.

My suitcase is still in the same place it landed in the hallway four weeks ago when we came home from the hospital. Ingredients and spices in the kitchen are still on the counters where they were last used. The only chores that are done semi-regularly are dishes and laundry, out of necessity. The rest of the time revolves around Phoenix and his needs. Read More

The dance of life

I was watching an old episode of Super Soul Sunday where Arianna Huffington said that life was a dance between making things happen and letting things happen. These things aren’t equal though– the “making things happen” part of it was only 10%, and letting things happen was the rest.

I’ve been on maternity leave for almost 4 weeks now, which seems like a lifetime ago. I’ve been able to prepare for the baby (who’s due date is two days from now!) but also refocus on living life in the present moment. Read More

5 ways to live with less stress

When life gets stressful or difficult, your perspective can take a major shift and reframe things more negatively. How you view even neutral experiences like finding a parking spot or waiting in line to check out can add to more negative experiences on top if your already disappointing day.

Do you ever wonder how some people just seem to move throughout their day and bring a sense of calm about them? They can make decisions with a clear mind and bring a fresh perspective because they don’t let their emotions sway them.

From my own observations, here are five ways to bring more calm into your everyday life:

1. Be present – When you take a deep breath, you are conscious of where you are at right now. Read More