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365 Project

Hi friends,

I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had time to post. However, I have made a commitment to myself to stay creative. Each day I produce calligraphy, sometimes with watercolors, on my Instagram account.

Check it out here:



“Leave situations that don’t match your truth. You may feel sad, angry, afraid…but almost immediately, you’ll also feel an indescribable relief, as if a broken bone that healed badly has been reset in its correct alignment.” [Martha Beck’s article in O, The Oprah Magazine, Sept 2015]

This is just a phase

Or the alternative, “This too shall pass.”

A familiar saying on many parenting forums, for babies and toddlers who are simply not meeting our expectations! Whether it’s not napping on time, to temper tantrums and failed attempts at sleep or potty training, sleep regressions or growth spurts, I think the problem always comes back to, “This should happen, but it isn’t happening.”  Read More