In life, we shouldn’t have “I don’t want to be here” moments.

When you are clear about what you want out of life, what your values are, and allow yourself to try new experiences, you start to move closer to the life you want.

However, most of us live life on auto-pilot. We figure that someday in the far off future, we will finally earn the life that will make us happy.

Well, guess what? Your life is happening right now, and right now is the only guarantee.

Some people are born with this realization, and are lucky enough to always appreciate and live in the present moment.

Others, like me, only come to this realization when confronted with a traumatic life event or hit a mid-life (quarter-life?) crisis and start to wonder how much longer we have to do this before the good stuff happens.

I wrote an ebook about how to design life from a design thinking approach, but of course, it’s just a guide on how to get started.

This blog is a curation of art, quotes and my own adventures in living a live authentic to me. Wherever you are in your journey, I hope you find inspiration and insights to keep you motivated.


Professional Bio

Lia Fetterhoff’s mission is to help others take on the design challenge called life because good design is for people, too. Having experienced deep personal growth through the loss of her father, Lia has learned to examine her life in both the big picture and the fine details. As a user experience designer who has crafted a number meaningful experiences at various corporations, businesses and startups, she also recognizes the value that the design process brings. Lia wrote a book on Life Experience Design, a guide on how design thinking can help you live the life you want. She has also produced digital journeys, blog articles and other tools to help others dig deeper into redesigning their own lives.

Lia has an MFA in Web Design & New Media from Academy of Art University, and BA in Psychology from UCLA. She has created and redesigned award-winning and well-known products at Google, GE Healthcare, UCSF, TIBCO Software and various agencies and start-ups.